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Bass Strait

Earlier this year I went on several road trips to research and discover new sites for my up and coming exhibition in May. There were a few areas on the Mornington Peninsula coast line that I wanted to revisit and capture (fingers crossed) to include in my show. It's not easy getting out to the points that are captured in your memory from sailing past.

Somewhere past Flinders, looking out to Bass Strait is one of them. I've always been in awe with this coast from the waters edge. I've been lucky to sail along this coast several times. It's hard for me to put into words, how I feel when I sail along a coastline during a race or a return race. It's humbling to say the least. You can hear the roar of swell it hits the cliffs and recedes back into the ocean.

These are quite long exposures. The film stock is not quite 30yrs old. So I'm incredibly wrapped that they captured the movement, and scale of what I love the most of Bass Strait.

I really love highlights at the top of the waves and the warm of tones in these images, which is quite the opposite to the reality of sailing along here.

Bass Strait series 2023

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