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Bay of Martyrs | Great Ocean Road

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Easter 2018. It's unusual for me to be on the land over the easter holiday break. I'm often sailing in an ocean race from Melbourne to a small coastal village of Port Fairy. The race hugs the coast line of Victorias rugged West Coast. It's generally a bit of a head on smash into the westerlies, for 20+hours. As with most ocean races, it's the getter there, the beer and team work that keeps you coming back. No normal person really enjoys sitting in the cold, bashing into the wild sea known as Bass Straight.

The Great Ocean Road is one of the worlds best drives. A bit further along from the famous 12 Apostles, you can find the spectacular and Bay of Martyrs.

It's my favourite part of this coast line. It's wild. These images were some of my first and were first exhibited at the Redhill Art show in 2018 and the first piece that was sold to a stranger.

Holga 120. 7-10 second exposures.

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