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Desert Road Trip

A few years back I was fortunate to have my first ever trip to the desert. I packed my Holga 120mm and a bunch of film stock that was over its exp dates. Alice Springs and surrounds completely blew my mind, it's vastness, landscapes and beauty.

One Sunday we went for a road trip to check out a table. The colour of the land, blues tones in the sky at dusk is just amazing. On Sunday, we went for a road trip to follow up on a rumour in search of a table. Not just any table and there's a bit of a backstory to these tables. My friends uncle was the maker of a particular styled crafted table. I'll fill in more details about it later. He was based in Melbourne, and rumour was that the small parish in the community of Santa Teresa was using one of these table in the local parish. The Ltyentye Apurte Community also know as the Santa Teresa is an Arrente Indigenous community in the Northern Territory, about 80km east of Alice Springs.

So we went on a road trip in search of the table. And.. we found it in the parish, it was being used as the alter.

Desert Roadtrip images. Holga. Kodak 120mm. Processed by CPL Digital. ° Celia Dymond 2020.

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